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Security of CB payments by e-transactions


If during your payment CB you have a request for a new code, which is not the secret code of your credit card, rest assured this code is a new security system, called 3D-SECURE, which will be generalized to all e-commerce sites, it allows to authenticate the cardholder, that is to say that it is the owner of the credit card that makes an order on the internet, it is about a double protection to guard against fraudulent purchases on our site, and to ensure that no one will use your credit card without your knowledge, it is an anti-fraud system. Generally, your bank automatically sends you this code by phone when you are doing the transaction. If you have not yet received information from your bank about this, check with the bank. Some Information on 3D-Secure: What is it? This is a new card and carrier authentication feature based on Visa's 3D-Secure technology with Verified by Visa and Mastercard with Secure Code. This technology is accompanied by a transfer of responsibility from the merchant's bank to the cardholder's bank.

Another new technology?

This one really deserves your attention. Thanks to this system, international networks wish to generalize new devices for identifying the buyer Internet user in order to eliminate the main reason for contesting transactions and to guarantee total trust between the buyer and the e-tailer. What is the 3D-Secure principle? With 3D-Secure, after having entered the number, the expiry date and the cryptogram of his credit card on the payment form of the bank of the e-tailer, the customer is automatically connected to the server of his own bank. Her bank will ask her, through a web window, to identify herself by typing the 3D-Secure code she just sent by phone.

If the information provided is correct, the bank will agree to continue the transaction and guarantee the payment of its client. This is one more step in online payment! Yes, but this step is reassuring for the net surfer customer and only extends the payment transaction for a few seconds. We thank you in advance for your understanding. This system has been advocated by the Banque de France since October 2008 and became mandatory for all French e-commerce sites from June 2009. For your safety, we have installed this security system on our site as soon as it is available. We regret, however, that banks have not always done their job of informing their clients. If you need more information about this new security, do not hesitate to contact your bank.

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